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Oh I definitely look at Indeed. I probably check it more often than any other job site. I just happened to get sucked into a stressful black hole of Craigslist surfing earlier today.

One good thing about Indeed is that it stops. I look at some job postings, but the list stops. Craigslist devours my focus. And it hate it, but I’m sort of addicted to it? I want to look up current available housing just thinking about it. And I did that earlier today!

Some [disorganized] things: 

  1. Nick and I went camping at Lost Lake this weekend. We pretty much only read, hiked, built fires and ate food. It was wonderful.
  2. I haven’t been posting much because I feel obligated to post all my Europe photos before anything else. But I am not motivated to edit them. I should change one of those things.
  3. I also haven’t drawn much since I got home. I haven’t been making things either. I’ve applied to tons of jobs, but I feel very unproductive.
  4. I start a full-time one-month job at The Pumpkin Patch tomorrow. I’m a little nervous. And I’ll probably be more nervous once I start because I have a habit of being in denial about life changes until they actually happen.
  5. I would like to have a real, long-term job and a new place to live by November/December. That would be great. Somebody please hire me.

Tonight I’m watching New Girl. And I’m not hyper-focusing on Craigslist job postings. Nope. Not doing that at all.

Other photos from Budapest on August 26.


This is the gem of the kiln. Going to try and do this again.

We met several nice kittens in Ireland. I’d never been interested in owning a cat before this trip, but now I kinda do.

Grand Central Market & City Park, Budapest.

August 26, 2014

An old Irish guy talked to me because he noticed I was sketching a pint of Guinness. A lot of old dudes wanted to talk to me this evening.

Deleted Parks & Rec scene from season 2

Quick, unfinished doodle.

This guy didn’t stay long enough for me to draw his legs.